Balrog Is the Graphic Character of Mike Tyson In Street Fighter 2

Balrog Is the Graphic Character Of Mike Tyson In Street Fighter 2

In 1991, Street Fighter II was launched. Now, in 2019, Tyson just heard about Balrog, a character who additionally boxed and originally had a name that rhymed with Tyson’s, for the very first time.

As EventHubs factors out, EPSN asked the previous heavyweight champ if he knew the story in regards to the character. Tyson replied, “No, I have no idea.” ESPN’s Arda Ocal defined how the boxer character Balrog was originally known as “Bison” in Japan, with the initial being short for “Mike.”

Apparently, Capcom was worried about legal liability, and the characters name was modified to Balrog. In the unique Japanese model of Street Fighter II, the cage-fighter character now generally known as Vega was called Balrog, and the final-boss character M. Bison was referred to as Vega. Capcom changed all their names around to mitigate potential authorized publicity.

Mike Tyson had heard about M. Bison on his podcast in April, then calling the game’s creators “dirty motherfuckers” and “jackasses.” When ESPN confirmed Tyson the Street Fighter II pugilist, he replied, “Holy moly. Does he look like me?”

Within the clip, which might be seen below, Tyson talked about one thing about a “serious lawsuit.” It’s unclear if that’s a reference to his unhappiness with Punch-Out!

After Ocal defined the story to Tyson, he asked him if he had seen the character earlier than. “Never in one million years,” the former fighter stated, including, “I’m really honored with that impersonation of me.”

Richard Addington

Richard Addington

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