Qualcomm Will Launch Snapdragon 855+

Qualcomm Will Launch Snapdragon 855

Today Qualcomm is announcing a brand new small refresh of the Snapdragon 855 SoC: the new Snapdragon 855+. In the past, Qualcomm had the behavior of sometimes refreshing their flagship SoCs in the middle of their product life and give them a small performance enhance, probably the most identified chip fitting this pattern was the Snapdragon 821 from just a few years ago. The S835 never obtained an upgrade. However, the S845 last year did get a higher bin variant which ended up in a few vendor’s products, together with the renamed Snapdragon 850 product that featured the identical specifications.

The brand new Snapdragon 855+ today closely follows this pattern: It’s overall the identical SoC because the Snapdragon 855, however, Qualcomm is raising the clocks of the Prime CPU core from 2.84GHz to as much as 2.96GHz, giving a 4.2% boost for single-threaded workloads.

Alongside the CPU boost, we additionally find that the GPU is receiving a more significant 15% performance boost. Because the Adreno 640 within the 855 was clocked in at 585MHz, the clock on the 855+ needs to be around the 672MHz mark, which is an oddly familiar frequency of Adreno GPUs.

Qualcomm states that we must always expect to hear about vendor units utilizing the brand new Snapdragon 855+ within the next few weeks. Last year, ASUS was the first vendor to announce the ROG Phone utilizing the next binned S845 across the same summer time-period, and now the corporate has confirmed that the ROG Phone II might also be the first to make use of the brand new S855+.

I’m additionally guessing that it’s possible that Samsung’s upcoming Note10 to be powered by the S855+ as I’m anticipating the phone to come with a brand new Exynos chipset this time around, and the Snapdragon counterpart getting a small boost as nicely would also make sense.

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Andrew Francis

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