Images of Google Pixel 4 Are Released

Images of Google Pixel 4 Are Released

Google has leaked an image of the Pixel 4, and now we might know why it was only shown from the back.

What might be the first real-world picture of Google’s upcoming flagship phone has surfaced on Slashleaks (via BGR), and this design doesn’t look like a stunner.

Right off the bat, you’ll discover that the bezel on top of the display is on the thick side and houses dual front cameras. The bottom bezel is a bit chunky too however not as a lot as the top.

The back of this alleged Pixel 4 picture shows a square bump for the camera array and flash. This arrangement appears just like what’s anticipated from Apple’s iPhone 11. What’s not clear is how far out this bump juts from the rest of the design.

It’s also possible to make out a power button and volume rocker on the right side of the handset, so any rumors you have heard about a buttonless Pixel 4 may be bunk.

While you look at other premium phones, such as the OnePlus 7 Pro and its full-screen design, it is hard not to see this Pixel 4 pic as dowdy. Then again, you do not have to deal with a pop-up camera or worry about it breaking over time.

Nonetheless, other smartphone makers like Oppo and Xiaomi are forging ahead with bezel-free phones that hide the front camera under the display. That is a more elegant approach to ditch the notch and forehead. Samsung is engaged in related technology. However, it’s not anticipated to reach in time for the Galaxy Note 10.

This is not the most impressive of pictures. The lighting seems to be fairly bad. And there is additionally a chance this isn’t a legit picture at all. But if this picture is legit, will probably be yet another reminder that Google tends to excel at software and not a lot at hardware.

Nina Gallagher

Nina Gallagher

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