Snapdragon 215 Will Boost the Performance Of Budget Smartphone

Snapdragon 215 Will Boost the Performance of Budget Smartphone

You would never expect a sub-$100 phone to be as fast as a flagship device just like the Pixel 3 or Galaxy S10, however, they will nonetheless be unreasonably slow sometimes. The bargain-priced Qualcomm Snapdragon 200-series chips have supplied bare minimum efficiency prior to now. However, the firm’s new Snapdragon 215 system-on-a-chip (SoC) could make ultra-cheap phones rather more usable with higher efficiency, greater resolutions, and extra.

The Snapdragon 215 replaces the 210, which has been a bottom-tier chip for Qualcomm since 2014. You would see the 210 most frequently in ultra-cheap unlocked phones from white label manufacturers. These are the type of phones nobody essentially wants to use; however, plenty of folks nonetheless do. The 215 System on a Chip is a quantum leap over the 210 Qualcomm says it’s 50 % quicker throughout the board. Just like the old 210, the SD215 has a quad-core CPU.

Nevertheless, it has Cortex A53 cores instead of the aging A7 CPUs. These 64-bit cores are considerably faster and extra efficient than the old 32-bit A7s.

Budget phones are slowly moving toward tall display ratios like 18:9, and the Snapdragon 215 will assist that as much as HD+ at 720×1560 (19.9:9). The stronger Adreno 308 GPU can also function video and render video games more simply. It’s 28 % faster than the 210’s GPU while offering better video battery life.

The first units with the Snapdragon 215 will launch later in 2019. While it supports extra features, there’s no assure device makers will utilize all of the technologies offered by the Snapdragon 215. Phones with this SoC will price well under $100, so there’s not going to be room for all the bells and whistles.

Nina Gallagher

Nina Gallagher

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