Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Companies

Impact of artificial intelligence in companies

Janine White recognizes that shopping for an insurance policy is not most people’s thought of a fun Friday evening.

“Shopping for auto insurance coverage is usually a pain level,” says Ms. White, vice-president of promoting and technique improvement at Kanetix Ltd. “It’s not among the many nicest issues to buy.”

However, shopping for insurance coverage utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) could make the experience better, she says.

Based in Toronto, Kanetix is a site where folks looking for insurance of all types can get comparative quotes, to allow them to select the best deal. Since Feb. 2018, the corporate has been utilizing AI to service those searching for auto insurance.

Ms. White said that they teamed up with Toronto Artificial Intelligence firm to offer their clients a better experience. For everybody who goes to their web site inquiring about auto insurance, Kanetix sends their non-personal information – no names, addresses or contact info – to Integrate, “and so they feed it into a machine that continually learns,” she explains.

“The machine tells us issues about the customer that we might not know.”

For instance, the AI might detect that a customer is on the in-between stage of buying insurance – they’re not fairly prepared to purchase. However, they’re interested in doing so quickly.

“We are able to use this info and then serve them in actual-time with issues that may assist them,” Ms. White says. “We might provide more content to assist them in making their decision, or we could offer a $20 gift card with an invitation to offer us a call.”

AI is optimizing businesses of all sizes, says Jodie Wallis, managing director of artificial intelligence at Accenture Canada. One of many methods they’re benefiting more prominent companies is thru intelligent automation, she says.

“Companies have already automated many processes, but intelligent automation lets the robots make decisions along the way,” Ms. Wallis says. “They’ll tell if something doesn’t look right.

Sue Brooks

Sue Brooks

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