Mozilla Is Shortlisted for the Award of Internet Villain 2019

Mozilla Is Shortlisted for the Award of Internet Villain 2019

The United Kingdom Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) has provocatively shortlisted Mozilla for the sort of award that, no tech firm must be keen to win – ‘2019’s Internet Villain’.

Mozilla’s declare to infamy? From ISPA’s perspective, it’s Firefox’s imminent inclusion of DNS over HTTPS (DoH) – a technology many experts endorse as the most significant jump for internet privateness since the expansion of HTTPS itself.

The issue, according to the ISPA press launch, is that the arrival of this technology within the Firefox browser utilized by millions will make it possible to.

Bypass UK filtering obligations and parental controls, undermining internet safety standards within the UK.

To privacy enthusiasts, that is good because neither ISPs nor governments have any enterprise knowing which domains users happen to frequent.

For ISPs, against this, DoH hands them several complications, together with how to fulfill their legal obligation within the UK to store a year’s value of every subscriber’s internet visits in case the federal government wants to study them later for proof of criminal activity.

Years within the making, this is a collision foretold. One side (Mozilla and Cloudflare, the latter offering the DoH resolution that helps the whole endeavor) thinks that internet privacy is an immutable principle that demands a technical solution, the opposite (governments, police and at least one anti-child abuse campaign group) believe that privacy carries risks that should always be qualified through intervention.

Arguably, spying on which domains folks visit was always an easy fix to impress politicians that dodged loads of messier, however, more effective methods to track unfortunate individuals in a targeted way.

If the ISPA and its members need to discover a method out of this gap, they might do worse than invest time explaining the brand new realities to disappointed, frustrated lawmakers

Nina Gallagher

Nina Gallagher

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