A Woman from LA Got Infected with West Nile Virus

A Woman from LA Got Infected with West Nile Virus

A West Nile virus case has been seen in Southern Nevada for 2019, the Southern Nevada Health District announced Monday.

Officers mentioned a lady under the age of 50 has the severe neuroinvasive type of the virus and has been hospitalized. It’s uncertain how or where the woman contracted the virus.

“With the second case of West Nile virus, it is important to remind everyone that it is a preventable illness,” stated SNHD chief health officer Dr. Joe Iser in a launch. “By taking some easy steps, you’ll be able to protect yourself from mosquito bites at home and if you find yourself traveling this summer. It’s additionally vital to remove mosquito breeding around your home to guard yourself and your loved ones.”

Diana Mitchell, a lady, just lately diagnosed with West Nile virus, stated she couldn’t walk for weeks. At first, doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. In June, she got here down with several signs including fever, nausea, fatigue, complications, diarrhea, and the chills.

She mentioned she thought she had food poisoning, so she went to the hospital.

“They did blood work and urine and stated we don’t see anything, so they sent me home. I could barely stroll,” Mitchell stated.

She went back a couple of days later.

“X-rays, MRI, and the EKG … and so they did a spinal tap. They stated everything got here back negative, so I mentioned I wish to go home,” mentioned Mitchell.

She managed to fly to Arlington, Virginia for her grandfather’s funeral.

“It was excruciating.”

Aside from the ache of losing a family member, Mitchell stated she began to feel better until she obtained back to Las Vegas in early July.

“Thursday, my speech began like this and my shaking of my – I got the tremors. Friday, I felt like I had a heart attack,” Mitchell mentioned.

She went back to the hospital, and doctors diagnosed her with West Nile virus.

There’s no treatment or remedy for the virus.

“It is only a waiting game, they stated.”

Richard Addington

Richard Addington

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