Michael Bennet- There Are Two Type of Economies in the US

Michael Bennet- There Are Two Type of Economies in the US

Sen. Michael Bennet (Colo.), a Democratic White House hopeful, on Sunday acknowledged the strong financial system under President Trump, however, cautioned that “there are two economies” in the USA.

“There are two economies on this nation: the wealthiest Individuals for the last 40 years have done well, and everybody else has done poorly,” Bennet advised guest host Dana Perino on “Fox News Sunday.”

“That’s not something you may blame Donald Trump for,” he added, noting that it was a long-term trend.

While Bennet stated the continuing financial recovery has included increases in employment and “the president hasn’t screwed it up in 2 years,” he mentioned that his constituents were increasingly left out of broader positive financial trends.

“Colorado has one of the vital economies on this planet, but most individuals I meet. cannot afford a middle-class life” due to the prices of housing and health care, Bennet stated.

Bennet called for increased fundings in infrastructure and education to combat these trends.

“We are saying to the next era ‘will we not invest in you we are going to make you pay this debt that we are not going to pay back,’” he stated.

The senator of Colorado also called for the reversal of 2017 tax reform and “giving working individuals real tax relief.”

Winifred Gerald

Winifred Gerald

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